Friday, October 02, 2015

October 2nd

I just realized that there is zero chance that I'm going to blog on the weekends, so. Whatevs.

Most of these "blog challenges" include a selfie in there somewhere. I intend to post many. Today I decided to take a selfie with my phone propped up on my keyboard but it just ended up looking pretentious. Bleah. So you've also got my standard, kinda smiling at phone, chin propped up on hand selfie.

The black and white blouse I'm wearing under the sweater was a cool $5.08 on clearance from Target. I bought 3 boxes of protein bars which were part of a promotion where you bought 3 boxes and you got a $5 gift card. So basically this top costs eight cents. Plus tax.

Weekend plans include being washed away by Joaquin, raiding the REI garage sale, and consuming copious amounts of beer at Charlotte's Oktoberfest.

Enjoy, and see you on Monday.

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