Thursday, October 01, 2015

October 1st

31 day blog challenge or something.

You know I actually write in a blog every day, but it's not this blog. I think only two people have access to the link. Anyway, I don't really like a lot of the blog challenges I see, I just want to force myself to write more often.

Most of the blog challenges start with an "intro" so here we go.

Fun Facts!

1) I have never in my life completed a blog challenge and I don't intend to start now. So, you know... prepare yourself for disappointment come day twelve

2) I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually enjoy outdoor activities more than video games these days. Give me an all day hike instead of an all day Fallout binge any day. I do particularly like that running only takes an hour or so, though.

Trail Selfie from the Snowball Trail, near Craggy Gardens

James Boyce Park in Charlotte, good for trail runs

3) My favorite breakfast is from a gourmet grocers in Charlotte called Earl's Grocery. I like their White Lily biscuit. My preferred variation is the ham, brie, and apricot jam. I get it every single time I go there for brunch. For later in the day their pozole is on point. Trust me. I sing the praises of Earl's whenever I get a chance.
Okay they didn't have the ham/brie/jam biscuit this day, but it was still pretty good

4) My favorite pick me up treat of all time is dark chocolate and good black coffee. Earl's Grocery is also quite good at fulfilling this need, as is 7th Street Market (chocolate from Zia Pia and coffee from Not Just Coffee

5)  I like craft beer. A lot. This is just a small example

Burial's Skillet Donut Stout out of Asheville (snagged from Good Bottle)
Rainy day flight at Bayne Brewing Company in Cornelius
Post bike pint's at Free Range Brewing in Charlotte on their opening weekend
A punny flight at Southern Appalachian Brewing in Hendersonville
A taste from the back at Devil's Purse Brewing Company on Cape Cod
Sampler at The Courtyard Brewery in New Orleans
Flight being poured at SoMe Brewing Company in Maine
Enjoying the live music from Pluto for Planet and the coconut ale at Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte
Pit stop at Night Shit Brewing near Boston before a flight back to CLT

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