Friday, February 07, 2014

Last three months

I've been journalling (like physical pen and paper journalling) a lot lately, which is why I haven't posted here much. I have things I need to spill that I don't want to put on the internet, that's why.

What's been going on lately?


  • K-Swiss and I split mid-November
  • Thanksgiving with the family
  • Spending more time with my bro. Haven't spent enough time with him. Would like to.
  • Took a solo trip to Asheville
  • Made some friends in Asheville. Friends who are bugging me to return (and I'd like to!)
  • Begin going out to events to make some more friends in town


  • Lived with some college friends for a week or so
  • Found an apartment (it's a loft with a spiral staircase)
  • Moved into apartment
  • Accidentally lost weight -- how did this happen?
  • Home for family X-mas party. Spent more time with my siblings. Made some new friends.
  • Got sent home with three dozen siopao
  • Had a fantastic birthday including presents and sushi
  • Decided to learn to cook. Ask for nice skillet for Christmas.
  • Realized that I'd stopped eating carbs and snacks and had started eating mostly protein and veggies -- K-Swiss and I would have pizza once a week and we always had Hot Pockets and chips in the house. Bought bread to make sandwiches. 
  • Christmas at home with the family. Wonderful! Shopping, ice skating, Thai food. New skillet
  • Went out dancing with old friends. Made some new friends. 
  • Fraukuech had a baby
  • Begin watching The West Wing. Realize that Rob Lowe is a main character. Fall for Sam Seaborn.
  • Decided to start cooking one new dish each week. Use skillet a lot
  • Spend a lot of money at Asian market. Learn to make Thai Curry, black bean burgers, a chicken/broccoli casserole, and sweet potato fritters.
  • Continued to go out dancing. Made new friends. I now have a couple of friends who I can text to go out for dinner/drinks/dancing/all of the above
  • Get a little over excited about having new friends. Go out 8 nights in a row. Want to cry. Learn my lesson.
  • See stage version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was amazing. I was over the moon.
  • Finish getting all of my stuff out of the old apartment. Exchange keys. Bittersweet. But we're amiable.
  • Snow day! Use my free time wisely by binge watching House of Cards. 

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