Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 5

Last week was a very weird week. Very stressful and busy. I didn't keep track of any of my mornings last week so we'll just skip that

 "Black ops... black ops... dropping presents from the helicopter..." The song gets louder and louder. After 60 seconds it's playing at full volume. I blink my eyes and reach for my phone. It's been plugged in and under the pillow all night. SleepBot has kept the screen dark, but technically on. My finger practically sizzles as I swipe the glass to indicate to indicate I am awake. I squint at the screen. 7:00am on the dot. It's rather bright in my room. I realize that I left the blinds open last night and my apartment is flooded with natural light. It's kinda nice.

 I forgot to set up the coffee last night. No, that's a lie. I thought about it at 10:30 but I was already under the covers and reading. I couldn't be bothered to set up the coffee last night.

I lie in bed for another 15 minutes swiping at my phone, checking Facebook and Reddit. Eventually I stretch, pull on the long sleeve shirt that lays at the foot of my bed and sit up.

I plod into the bathroom. Strip, shower, etc. After my shower I'm feeling much more awake. I chat with a early rising friend on Facebook for a few minutes while I lotion, paint, brush, clothe.

It's only 8 o'clock! I make my way downstairs. I get the coffee maker going while I pack breakfast and lunch. I make myself a "detox" drink in a water bottle and toss that into my messenger bag. I'll chug it on the way to work. I don't know that it actually does anything, but the spices in it certainly feel like a boost.

I tidy my kitchen - do the dishes, clean the sink, wipe down all surfaces. It's 8:35 am now. I put on my shoes and jacket, poke through another one of my bags to find some papers I have to bring to work. I'm out the door by 8:40 am.

It was a good morning.

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