Friday, January 03, 2014


I'm going to make some of you feel a little old -- I just used a fax machine for the first time in my life. I get a buzz of irritation when people request faxes. When I needed stuff faxed in college, I would email it to my Dadders and ask him to fax it. I don't understand why everything can't be done digitally. Waste of paper. Once, KSwiss needed work done on his car, they emailed him the paperwork, he signed it on his tablet (literally, signed his name with his finger) and emailed it back to them. This is the way it should be.

Of course, the next generation will probably think I'm old for having used an actual phone instead of an implant in my head or something. Of course, I think it's amusing when people still have landlines. My parents don't even have a landline anymore. And of course, some people pride themselves on their lack of modern communication technology. And the Millennials say: What's that? You can't play any song you could possibly want in 20 seconds from your phone? What's wrong with you?

When I play with my tablet and my phone, sometimes I feel like I'm in the future. WHAT YEAR IS IT? This isn't even a phone anymore! It's a pocket computer!

When I first did a little research on generations, I was irritated to find that my year was slotted as Millennial (roughly 1982-2002) and not Generation-X (roughly 1961-1981). Not only does Gen-X sounds way cooler but also I'd mentally placed Millennials firmly in the idiotic youth category in my brain. (Could still be true.)

If one notes my complete attachment to technology and social media and my narcissism (constant selfies, constant need to share what I'm doing with others), I think it's plain where I sit. Add my aversion to Facebook*, preferring Instagram and Snapchap, I'm such a Millennial. Yes, I have a Facebook. But I use it mostly for messaging (... aaand posting Instagram pictures.)

I wonder what they'll call the next generation. Those born in the 2000's. Right now I've just seen it labeled as Gen-Z, but Millennials were called Gen-Y for a while.

Also, please note that children born in 2000 are starting high school this year.


*Late Millennials and Gen-Zers are starting to drop Facebook because of all the parents on it. Of course, early Millennials are now having babies and stuff, so they'll probably stay on Facebook. Because now they are boring parents. 

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Stephen Stockman said...

Some parts of the government are required to use fax machines. Some parts of the government still send documents on 3.5" disks via a courier.

Some parts of the government are so far behind.

Your phone has more power than all of NASA had back when it sent people to the moon. You could probably have easily won past wars with the power of it.