Friday, November 22, 2013

Plz stahp

Hi friends! I'm about to make an angry rant here. This is something that I avoid doing, but it's building and it must be excised. I thought that I'd warn you, just in case you'd like to keep the negativity out of you day. :)

If you're petite, like I am, then comments on your weight and figure are totally socially okay! Did you know that? I'm learning.

  • I met a friend's grandmother. The first thing she says to me is "Oh you're so little! How much do you weigh?" Seriously? Well, how much do you weigh?
  • Birthday party for a colleague in the office. After the cake is sliced, the department director says "Give Mary the big piece, she needs it!" You certainly don't need it...
  • Talking about clothes with a colleague and she comments on how thin I am and how I "really need to eat a cheeseburger!" I had three slices of pizza for dinner last night, bitch
  • Walking past the receptionist office at work wearing something like this (I point this out because I think my outfit was pretty normal). The receptionist coos over how "cute" I am, saying that I look "just like a china doll." And you look like Barbie's meth addled grandma.
  • At a committee meeting at work where I strive to be seen as a colleague and peer. My current (temporary) supervisor introduces me to the subcommittee thusly: "This is Little Mary.... well, I like to call her that because she's just so little!" I'll call you Big Shirley from now on. How's that sound?
Did you notice something of the above? 80% of those happened in the office. That really irks me.

We've also got numerous other instances of: "you don't understand because you're so skinny" and "you need to eat" and "it's easy for you because you're Asian" (really?) or variations on this theme.

If you're sitting behind your monitor right now saying "oh boo-hoo, poor skinny minnie" then fuck off.

By calling out me on my weight you're only furthering societies fucked up ideals that people are defined by their weight and that a person's weight is one of the most important factors about them. 


(This is where I'm getting on my high horse about people saying oh you're so skinny, I wish I was skinny.)
--I consider everything I eat to be a choice. Everything! Every shooter done while I'm drinking with friends, every sugar packet added to my tea, ever sneaked evening cookie. I think, do I really need the sugar/carbs/calories, etc? Or rather, is it worth it (if it's a shooter, my answer is probably yes). I try to work out 3x/week. When I don't work out, I adjust my consumption accordingly. And I never treat myself for working out. I don't deserve additional chocolate rations for maintaining a healthy body. The healthy body is the reward.

I used to write down every single thing I ate. I couldn't diet otherwise, because I'd just forget about the little things. So, I didn't put down that I had a burger for lunch. I put down the burger, the cheese, the mayo, the fries, the ketchup, the coke* that I washed it down with. 

I started working out. I took time to go to the gym or run around the block. I eventually lost 50-60 pounds! (I don't know my highest weight. I think I've got a voluntary memory block.)

Here and here and here are some photos of me that show that I've earned my body. Please avoid looking at those photos if you're sexually attracted to me as any desire may plummet. Or if you do look at the photos, please see my Google+ "Outfit of the Day" for some eye bleach. I recommend the photos of me working out.

So, I'm sorry friends, for this rant. But I'm really fucking sick of all comments regarding weight. Whether they're meant to be positive (har har har, they're not. They're not ever positive) or negative, they all suck.

Don't tell me I'm so skinny. Tell me I'm pretty. Or that my shoes look good or my hair is on point today. Just shut the fuck up about weight.

Next time someone tells me I'm so skinny I'm going to say Awww, thanks! And look at you! ... You look... Yeahhhh....  And slurp noisily on my drink.

Okay I'm done. I'm officially done. I'm not going to comment on this again. I've been wanting to write this post for a long time, but it feels vain to me. I'm so inundated with people commenting on my body (while if I commented on their's, hell would break loose) that I worry that to complain about it seems self-centered. But fuck it. It's my blog. One of the above comments happened again earlier this week and it was a real tipping point. 


*This is an exaggeration. I never drink full sugar Coke.


Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

You know what I hate about this? People not taking you seriously because your petite and dress nicely. But is it okay for me to compliment your tiny waist? You've worked hard for that tiny waist and I think it's lovely.

Stephen Stockman said...

You look pretty.