Monday, November 11, 2013

Passionate person, indeed

I was recently discussing with a friend my "way with words." I've begun writing a little again. I'll share it with you sometime when I'm convinced it's not crap (this friend was displeased with my vulgar criticisms of my work... so maybe it's not all crap).

Today, I was digging in my closet and found the very fist paper I wrote in college. Written in 2004 (I was on the cusp of turning 20) for one of the most challenging to impress professors at my alma mater. I earned an A- for my efforts, and he begins his comments on my paper by stating: "Your paper has given me considerable pleasure -- derived from your jaunty and intelligent comments." I think I swooned.

I was just rereading the paper. There is a section that I found --- well, shocking! to be included in my philosophy paper to this veteran professor. I cannot believe I wrote this!

Peculiar Pleasures: On Aristotle's Treatment of Self-Control

(In which I discuss both partaking to excess and restraining oneself from pleasures, and which, if any, pleasure are "peculiar." In this particular passage, I'm describing a man who derives no pleasure from food.)

Upon biting into a tomato, I found it impossible to prevent myself from exclaiming on the exquisite taste, the way the juice ran over my tongue, and how the flavor filled my mouth. (You see, I am a very passionate person.) While I would not expect my dinner mate to exclaim over the succulence of the tomato as he is rather reserved in character, I neither expected him to shrug and pronounce the experience: "okay." The latter was, shockingly to me, his reaction. I insisted he had not tasted it fully and made him try another morsel, generous as I was in donating my luscious tomatoes to research.

It goes on to discuss Aristotle suggestion that "men deficient in regard to pleasures, who find less delight in them than they should, are scarcely ever found, for such insensitivity is not human."

Further in the paper I delve into whether or not masochism is really so peculiar. And interesting paper, indeed.

There are many passages like the above. Less.. well, sensual in nature! but "jaunty" comments, as the professor said.

I recall in this class I also once argued that swinging was not cheating because both parties are in agreement of the act. The class was pretty uncomfortable.


Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

I think you've always had quite a way with words. For me, it's hard. That's probably why my blog is so boring--haha. Also, I can totally see why you kept that paper. What a fabulous comment to receive from a professor!

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

So much better than the comments in my papers that say, "This sentence is awkward."

Stargirl said...

Well, you're awkward. I think your professors are trying to convey how much your writing style complements your personality.