Thursday, November 07, 2013

I like to call it "faculty casual"

By far one of my favorite things about working in higher ed is the fashion. Yes, the fashion. The incredible variety that you will find at committee meetings, for example, where both faculty, administrators, and executives are involved.

My last committee meeting had a gentleman wearing cargo khakis, a bright red tee (with some sort of image on it), and a short sleeve blue button-up, unbuttoned. It looked what the IT kids wore when they were in high school.

There was a woman wearing fitted trousers (no judging there, I wear fitted trousers as you know) tucking into Uggs (judge judge judge!). Who wears Uggs out of the house, unless you are a college student or maybe you're running a quick errand. But more importantly, who wears Uggs to work... on a day when you have a meeting?!?

And then there was the gentleman running the meeting. Charming looking man wearing nice slacks, a coordinating but not matching jacket (I am a fan of this. It's more a casual than a suit, but still looks very attractive!), and nice shoes. Purple tie. Very nice looking.

A dean was in attendance. He was wearing a very lovely three-piece black suit with a stunning green tie. Lovely shoes. (On that note, I wish I had a three piece. Excruciatingly difficult to find. I would pay a lot of money for a perfectly tailored dove gray pin stripped three-piece. That would be absolutely divine.)

The majority of people in the meeting were wearing items that would be in the typical business casual - business formal range.

I've been to meetings where the deans are wearing flip flops, and the faculty are wearing slightly ripped jeans and Rainbows. I am always amused.

I wore my typical skinny trousers, the less fitted cords this time, a button up white blouse, layered with a black 3/4 sleeve thin knit tee. Business casual, not what I would wear to a meeting with higher ups (blazers and pumps all the way, baby), but acceptable for a committee meeting or for every day wear.

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