Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wardrobe Update!

I know I know, so you're all like, Hey Stargirl, where are the outfit posts? Well google made it very easy for me to just upload them to google plus so that's what I've been doing because I'm soooo lazy. HERE are all of the outfits, including several not posted on the blog. My phone sends them to google. Pretty handy.

Below I've selected some of my favorite unposted outfits. 

I was pretty thrilled with my hair this day. 
Navy thin knit turtle neck (Ann Taylor)
Printed cardigan (Target)
Gray Skinnies (Celebrity Pink)
Oxford booties (Payless, yessir)

One of my FAVORITE outfits of the lot! Lace blazer, sheer top with pearl collar detail, marbled red trousers. Uh huh.
Lace Blazer (some Asian shop on ebay)
Blouse (Forever 21)
Red marbled skinnies (Target)
Black boots (Target)

First scarf of the season! Oh and GREAT looking hair!
Gray striped sweater (Banana Republic)
Black skinnies (Miley & Max, that's right)
Scarf: Kirna Zabete for Target
Embellished Flats (Rack room... I think)

Wore this out on Beale St when I was in Memphis. Lace top under a dress.
Lace top (hand me down from friend, no tag)
Skater dress (Target)
Belt (Forever 21)
Boots and slouchy socks (target)

First time I went clubbing! Love these earrings.

Dress (Filene's Basement!)
Pumps (Rackroom)
Earrings (Um... hot topic probably)

Wore this in Memphis as well. These pictures are way out of order....

Sweater (H&M)
Vest (Forever 21)
Skinnies (Levi)
Scarf and Pumps (Target)

Ooooh I love my smirk in this photo.
Sweater (Forever 21)
Black skinnies (Miley and max. Again!)
Scarf (Kirna Zabete for Target)
Boots (Target)