Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Outfit: Layers and Lace

Pretty much digging today's outfit.
Gray cardigan with shoulder studs (TJ Maxx)
Rodarte for Target navy lace top (Target)
-Purple tank underneath (XXI)
Black skinny trousers (TJ Maxx)
The Boots (they are a proper noun now)

Google "Auto-awesomed" this photo 

Not exactly and outfit photo, but I took this yesterday. I didn't go anywhere, since it was a telecommuting day, but after I got done with my work I hopped on my rower. 
OH YEAH I BOUGHT A ROWER YOU GUYS. Happy birthday to me!

That is my set up. Rower, Tablet with either movie or music vid playlist, and... um.. cat. Cat is not usually there when I'm working out.

My favorite thing about working out from home is that I can wear this. I would not feel comfortable going to the gym in this outfit, though I know some women are. I started out wearing a tee, but when I got hot I just took it off because, fuck it, I'm at home.

On days that I work out, I feel like shit if I don't eat right, so that's a bonus. Just an all around good feeling. I'm really glad I have a convenient way to work out at home now.

You will please notice that the boy has managed to keep his laundry confined to a laundry basket. We're so proud. *tear*