Monday, October 28, 2013

I'll take the whole shebang

I had trouble getting out of bed this morning. Not the kind of trouble I’m used to – that would be the brain crippling wanting to melt into blackness trouble – but rather the I’m so cozy I never want to leave my cocoon trouble. (Side note: Happily, the brain crippling trouble hasn't been spotted in months! I blame my new job. Thanks jerb. You make waking up not suck.)

Late start.

Then we discovered that one of the cats pissed in the tub.

And I couldn’t find my makeup bag and .FUCK FUCK FUCK I think I left it when I went out with friends on Friday


God oh my god oh my god my Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes (small and expensive but perfect cream shadow), Glam-o-flauge concealer (my Holy grail cannot live without concealer) and my Skin 27 BB Cream (brand new, must be ordered on Amazon) were in that fucking bag. Oh jesus.


My hair looks like shit. My bangs are angry at me and I feel like I look like a man.

Three GIANT zits on my chin. Enormous. Like, they are probably sentient.

The outfit I wanted to wear is in the wash and my brand new pumps have a nick on the heel.

I’m running late and I still have to run to Facilities to pick up the key to my new office.

Man. Now I made myself sad. New office : ( (that is another story, temporary location move)

I need gas. Damnit. I don’t have time for this shit.

I have nothing for lunch. Goddamnit. Grab a yogurt.

Whatever. Gotta go. Get in the car.

I open the car door and I see a pink translucent something wedged under the drivers seat. OH MY GOD. It's my makeup bag. I pluck it up with a gasp. I want to hug it. It's the one nice thing about my morning.

And then –

Nothing on this earth could hold you prisoner my dear
Except for contemplations evil brother known as fear
But love is extraterrestrial and love falls from the stars

– the sweet vocal stylings of Grant Buffalo Lee. There is already a CD in the player -- the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack I picked up from my bookstore this weekend.

And I smiled.

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Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

I love the ending to this post. Sucky morning. Silver lining.