Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hyperbole and Depression

In honor of Allie Brosh's ama, I wanted to link to her post that was most influential to me: Depression Part Two.

 It is extremely challenging to communicate what you're going through to people who have never been depressed. When I read this post I cried so hard because it expressed everything. Someone got it.

 She wasn't trying to help me find my dead fish or telling me about all the awesome fish that are out there (read the blog post to get that) she was saying, hey, my fish are dead, too. It sucks. I know.

 She understood the desire to stop existing and how it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to kill yourself. And how you can NEVER tell anyone about how you feel because then you'll just have to take care of them.

 Anyway, I never got to the part about the corn (read the post!). I'm mostly content or happy these days, with only the very occasional melancholic or numb days. But I'm past coping and onto living again and that is beyond major.

 If you know anyone who has or has had major depression, this post may help you understand. If you have or have had major depression, you should read it.

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