Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: Generic Cold Medicine and Tissues

I didn't know that 3-ply tissues was a thing. Did you? It is. And Nice! (the latest rebranding of Walgreens' generic line) makes 3-ply tissue with lotion. It's way better than their "natural" tissue which feels like rubbing shitty rest stop toilet paper on your face. Cheaper, too. Please note the pleasing orange color of the tissue box which matches the cough syrup. (Totally on purpose.)

The orange Healthy Accents (Food Lion) cough syrup is basically the same as Day-quil, but it's probably a few dollars cheaper. Being the delicious orange version, you don't even need a dosage cup. Just toss the bottle in your bag and take a swig every few hours. If you have no shame, just keep it on your desk with a straw. With any luck, your boss will be disgusted and send you home.

Above all, I recommend punching sick people in the stomach so they learn not to come around. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES.

Edit: If you are unable to avoid sickos, I recommend chowing down on chewable vitamin-c tablets. They are also orange and delicious. 

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Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

I'm all about the medicine bottle with the straw.