Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Playing Catch-up: Days 17-20

Day 20 (Tuesday): Black skinny cords (Miley & Max*), black patterned blouse (xhilaration), Red puff sleeve blouse (Loft), black flats (xhilaration)
That's right. I'm wearing Miley clothes. I love 'em. Close up so you can finally see the pattern of the black patterned blouse I've mentioned. It's sleeveless, so nice for layering. The earrings are from Paparazzi and feel like they're made of tin, but at least they are not too heavy to wear.

Successfully did not bite the lip at all yesterday

Day 19 (Monday): Marbled red skinny trousers (Mossimo), Black/gray striped sweater (xhilaration), black embellished flats
I cannot recall the maker of the flats, but they're from Rack Room Shoes. They are, far and above, the most complimented item in my closet. 
Close up pic so you can see the redness of the trousers. It's washed out and linty, but there you have it. The hair is a mess so no closeup. It's braided down the side again. Wore lipgloss to avoid biting the lip :\
More importantly I FORGOT MY WATCH. This bothered me all day.

Day 18 (Saturday BONUS), Skinny jeans (Levi), "Love" tee (H&M), black embellished flats
Weekends are always a bonus because I normally don't leave the house on weekends. I ran to the grocery store for a sick KSwiss and thought I'd post my outfit.

This is what I look like with next to no makeup. I've got concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and I've got on eyeliner and a little bit of brow power. That's it. Contacts because I wear contacts at home because my headphones press down on my glasses stems while playing video game and after a couple hours that gives me a headache.

Started biting my lip again :(

Day 17 (Friday): Skinny jeans (Levi), black tunic with lace half sleeves(Mudd), black embellished flats
Simple and easy for Friday in the office. Remembered my watch just as I was running out the door.

Previous Outfits:
Day 16: Black skinny trousers, gray sheer sweater (Loft), pearl collared blouse (Forever 21), black pumps (Mossimo)
Day 15: "Darkest cranberry" skinny corduroys(Loft), white collared blouse(Forever 21), black half sleeve cardigan(NY&Co), black pumps(Mossimo)
Day 14: Gray skinny trousers, black thin knit sweater, black flats
Day 13: Black skinny jeans, gray sparkly knit top, black oxford pumps
Day 12: Gray skinny trousers, black linen 3/4 tee, black embellished flats
Day 11: Black skinny trousers, Cabernet puff sleeve tee, black pumps
Day 10: Cabernet skinny corduroys, short sleeve sheer sweater, black pumps

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Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

DONT bite the lip! How will you get any Lip Tar if you bite your lip???