Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 16: Study in Monochrome

Day 16: Black skinny trousers, gray sheer sweater (Loft), pearl collared blouse (Forever 21), black pumps (Mossimo)

The brand of my black pants is unknown. Mostly because I can't see what's written on the tag right now. Hair braided and pulled off to the side to get it out of my way.

I tried to get some like in the photo, but the position of our mirror and our window means only the bottom half of me gets any outdoor light. I'll have to try it next time I'm wearing red pants, though, so that they do not look black

No closeup, but I did my nails. Two thin coats of Julep Annette, topped with one thin coat of Julep Amelia. A lilac-y gray topped with a sheer champagne. Strange combo, but I'm a fan.

Previous Outfits
Day 15: "Darkest cranberry" skinny corduroys(Loft), white collared blouse(Forever 21), black half sleeve cardigan(NY&Co), black pumps(Mossimo)
Day 14: Gray skinny trousers, black thin knit sweater, black flats
Day 13: Black skinny jeans, gray sparkly knit top, black oxford pumps
Day 12: Gray skinny trousers, black linen 3/4 tee, black embellished flats
Day 11: Black skinny trousers, Cabernet puff sleeve tee, black pumps
Day 10: Cabernet skinny corduroys, short sleeve sheer sweater, black pumps
Day 9: Purple skinny jeans, gray tee (shoulderless thingy), silver sandals

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