Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 15: Darkest Cranberry

Slightly blurry pic again, but I included it because it's got George. She was looking for food and/or KSwiss though. Absolutely no interest in me. Fixed the lump in the hair before I left the house.

Day 15: "Darkest cranberry" skinny corduroys(Loft), white collared blouse(Forever 21), black half sleeve cardigan(NY&Co), black pumps(Mossimo)

This blouse is actually sleeveless and the top quarter of the back is all in lace. It's a pity that there isn't a lot of light shining through the window where I take these photos because these pants have a lovely color IRL. I had said previously that they were in Cabernet, but I re-examined the website and they are in "Darkest Cranberry"

If you ask KSwiss they are "purple."

BTdubs, I'm removing the wardrobe capsule title because the outfits are still kinda wardrobe capsule-y, but not completely, so I'm not sold on that title. I'll just go back to my old naming convention, but prefix everything with the day. I'm mostly numbering the days so I can see how far I can go. Once I reach 30, I'll just start using the date instead.

Previous Outfits
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Day 13: Black skinny jeans, gray sparkly knit top, black oxford pumps
Day 12: Gray skinny trousers, black linen 3/4 tee, black embellished flats
Day 11: Black skinny trousers, Cabernet puff sleeve tee, black pumps
Day 10: Cabernet skinny corduroys, short sleeve sheer sweater, black pumps
Day 9: Purple skinny jeans, gray tee (shoulderless thingy), silver sandals
Day 8: Black skinny jeans, over-sized gray button up

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Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

LOL @ "K-swiss says they're purple."