Tuesday, September 24, 2013


My face hurts, you guys.

No seriously, I don't know about you but when I get a cold it just kinda settles in my sinuses. And I roll around on the bed complaining that my face hurts. I don't know how KSwiss has managed NOT to say "yeah, it's killing me!"

Being sick makes the day drag on. I haven't taken days off of work. I don't know if I look like a trooper or an sick idiot, but this is an important week at work and I'd rather not be at home. Rolling around on the bed. Whinging about how my faaaaaace hurrrrrts. And chugging Day-quil, duh.

The day basically goes like this:
9am, get to work, take a swig of DQ, make some oatmeal, clean up the microwave, sit down to eat, check headlines and get to work.
10am shocked that it's only 10am, consider taking another swig of DQ, think better of it, blow disgusting nose, continue working
11am, Goggle at the clock which insists it's still morning-unpossible!, take a small swig of DQ and blow nose again. Why did I bother putting makeup on my nose this morning?
12pm, frustrated that it's not 3pm yet. How is that possible? heat up a tin of soup. It takes OK. Eat soup, read some headlines, google ways to relieve sinus pressure
1pm - 4pm, consistently frustrated that it's not 5pm because seriously the day has gone on way too long, consider taking a shot of the 'quil, occasionally do. Get up to pee because I've been drinking a lot of water because Google said that'd help with a sinus infection. I don't know that I have a sinus infection but my faaaace hurrrrts.
5pm, go home, fall into bed while listening to books on tape. God the narrator for Artemis Fowl is wonderful.

Please note that I am no ODing on the 'quil. I picked up this bottle on Saturday night. It is now Tuesday afternoon. This 12 oz (355mL) bottle only holds 11.83 adult doses (30mL) which, if one follows dosing instructions, should last less than two days. We've obviously passed that and I've got about 1/3 of the bottle left. So, yes, not overdoing it with the sweet orange nectar. I promis

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