Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wardrobe Capsule: Day 5


Day 5: Gray skinny trousers, black scoop neck top, white collared blouse (different), black oxford pumps (similar)

It's no wonder that I failed to include my oxfords in my Capsule list. I found them last night while cleaning the game room. They were still in my luggage that I took to DC in July! Eegads. The blouse is a different white collard blouse than yesterdays. This one has lovely pearl and gem accents on the collar. A chain headband to hold back my faded unruly hair (actually, I really love the unruliness of my hair).

I was unsure if I should do tucked or untucked. I am currently untucked.

I am also amused that I basically took yesterday's outfit, swapped the places of black and gray and pulled my hair back. Lol.

Day 4: Black skinny trousers, white collared blouse, gray dolman sweater, black flats
Day 3: Skinny jeans, red 3/4 sleeve tee, black vest, black flats
Day 2: Mid-wash jeans*, white 3/4 sleeve tee, black vest, saddle shoes
Day 1: Gray skinny trousers, black printed top, black half-sleeve cardigan, black patent pumps

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Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

LOVE that top, so cute! And I love your headband! I'm not sure if I prefer tucked or untucked either...both are cute.