Friday, August 16, 2013

hashtag dee eye tee el

9:01: Made excellent time getting to work today and had no trouble securing a parking spot. This is surprising because students are starting classes today.
9:02: My computer requests that I restart it. Sorry bub, I got no time for your updates. postponed. Catch up on news, check my to-do list and plan the day. Shoot out a few emails.
9:30: Eat a pack of Lance crackers and begin putting the finishing touches on a survey draft. Maintenance man comes in office and asks if everything is good. Replaces flickering fluorescent light. Fist pump b/c I don't have to do a request and it happens immediately.
10:15: Leave to volunteer at the Student Info Table (basically directing students on the first day of class). Forget to restart computer.
10:20-11:30: Student Info Table time. No good stories, what a bummer. But I did get free shitty coffee and a free pen/stylus.
11:35: Meet with my boss about the aforementioned survey. It was long and wordy and a little confusing. It has been painstakingly reworded and formatted to look good and read nicely. Boss things it's good. Has a couple suggestions which I implement.
12:30: Editing survey. Realize that something is not working with me and a supposed "number only" field is allowing me to enter text. The settings are exactly the same as they've always been for numeric fields but for some reason, this particular field in this particular survey hates me. This will have seriously annoying and time consuming ramifications if the survey is sent out like this.
12:45: Software hates me and wants to see me burn
1:02: Computer continues to request a restart. LATER. SHUT UP
1:10: Coworker doesn't know what the problem is either. We need new software
1:25: Through a SUPER ROUNDABOUT route, I solve the problem and am unable to type letters into my numeric field. Finally.
1:30-2:40: Meet with my team about current projects so that everyone is on the same page
2:45: Realize stomach is growling. Lost track of time and end up eating late. No matter. Delicious Chinese food leftovers
3:00: I skip today's Roo Run with the boss. The shitty free coffee still has me wired.
3:15-3:45: Shoot off a few emails to people in the college regarding their surveys.
3:49: Get the most amazing reply email that ends with "You are so helpful, I truly appreciate all you do for us." Makes my freaking day.
4:00: Update all my tasks in Sharepoint
4:25: Maybe my boss will let me go home early?
4:27: Nope. not today (I'm definitely not complaining though, she does it once a week or so and that is more than generous I think). J and I are the only people left in the office. He has promised to stay until 5pm just in case I get a request that I am unsure how to handle*
4:28: Analyzing some survey data - today I'm basically taking some data and making it easily digestible so that people don't ignore it.
4:50: Almost time to go
4:53: Traffic will suck if I don't get out of here by 5 (no really, by 5:05 it's already backed way up)
4:57: Look at the clock, I should start shutting down two minutes ago
5:04: FUCK
5:07: Stuck in traffic and I realize that I forgot to restart my computer

*our office is awesome and flexible. If you eat lunch at your desk, you needn't take that hour off. Many people work 730-330 or 8-4. I work 9-5

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