Friday, August 23, 2013

Capsule day 2

I've organized my closet in such a way so that the clothing I selected yesterday is on a center rack, and everything else is pushed to the sides. Quicker than actually packing.

All pants and sweaters are still stacked on the same shelves. I might have to move some things around there.

Yesterday's outfit was gray skinny trousers, black printed sleeveless top (similar style here), black patent pumps and black half sleeve cardigan. My favorite cardigan actually. I almost didn't buy it because it cost more than $10 and I was feeling cheap that day. I'm glad I did. I may have to purchase another in gray or navy if I see it again.

Despite being on a wardrobe fast, I'm willing to consider purchasing clothing if I feel that it'll get considerable wear. I'm also thinking about navy skinny trousers, if I see some I like, and I've been looking for a perfect black thin knit turtleneck sweater for, oh I don't know, three years.

Today's outfit is a white 3/4 sleeve tee, black vest, saddle shoes, and a pair of mid-wash boot cut jeans. Those jeans were not in the selection. I realized while getting dressed this morning that I can't wear my skinny jeans to work, because they are quite skinny. Maybe I could with a cardigan, but I'd like to see one of the other girls in the office wear skinny jeans to work before I do so. So I've added a looser cut pair of jeans to the list.

Unlike a typical capsule, I'm not going to be swapping out with unworn items, because my goal isn't to stick to 30 items, but to discover which items are wholly unnecessary. And, I sure has heck know that I'll wear every pair of pants on my list.

I realize that my blogging is WAY more boring, and not about funny or interesting stuff. I'm just trying to keep a kind of record. I'll see if I can think of anything funny to post.


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You KNOW the answer to this. "I can't be bothered."

We'll see.