Wednesday, June 26, 2013


by Sir Dugas
Guest Blogger

A recent study released by the Pew Research Center shows a decidedly upward swing in the number of young, straight couples seeking gay marriages.

Says Samuel Alcarez of Ohio, "Me and my girlfriend of 5 years have decided to forgo a traditional marriage in favor of the obviously more fabulous Gay marriage."

Ashley Smith, Samuel's bride-to-be, takes his hand in her own, commenting, "I just didn't think a traditional marriage can express how gay I am for my husband."

Ohio is now only one of four states that allow straight couples to become gay married. Ohio governor John Kasich, in an address last Thursday, stated:

"I know that some believe straight couples just aren't ready for the responsibilities and hardships which are intrinsically tied to the gay marriage experience. Are they ready to adopt, raise, and even love children who are biologically not their own? Are they ready for the discrimination they undoubtedly face as others learn of their choice? Well I, personally, believe that if straight couples feel they are up to the task, who are we to stop them from having their fair go?"

Critics of Governor Kasich have claimed that his support of gay marriage is a front for his ulterior motive of promoting man-pet marriages. They cite the mayor's recent twitter posts:

"I will b able to marry my Fido in this lifetime ♥ Gay marriage for the str8 community only step 1!!1! #YOLO #RideDatSlipperySlope"

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