Monday, March 11, 2013

March Resolution

I actually wrote down these March resolutions at the end of February, I just haven’t put them on my blog until now. I haven't modified any of the stars or the goals to fit more in line with how I've done so far this month. And let me tell you, things aren't going so well. In fact, I think I deserve a negative star for the first resolution. I think I might be able to scrape by with a D at this point…

March Resolutions
*** - $0.00 discretionary spending – The exception: I’ll give myself a $5 buffer for when I use my Kohl’s cash
* - Make a large salad at least 1x/week - No croutons. No ranch dressing.
** - Eat more fruit and less sweets - Mmm, pears. Mmm cookies. 
** - Unpack and arrange books/bookshelves - Yes, we've lived here since October and our bookshelves are all still pathetically empty.
*** - Go one whole week without being a minute late for work - I tend to slip in at 5 minutes past. I'd very much like to break myself of that habit
** - Dress more professionally - I tend to get away with dressing creatively at work, I'd like to reserve my creative outfits for causal Fridays
* - Bring lunch 1x/week - I prefer to grab something, or drive home for lunch. This is not very cost effective!
* - Vacuum entire apartment - we're very bad at keeping up with this
* - Finish “Clash of Kings” - The first couple chapters are NOT gripping me and I'm having trouble getting through them. I just get distracted and do something else, but I really want to see what's going on so I've got to power through
* - Spend less than $75 on dining - I like to go out to lunch, but that get's pricy
* - Wash and moisturize 2x daily - I just got a Clarisonic Mia, so hopefully that will help

And because I’m a little nerdy, here is my rubric:
20 *’s = A+
18 *’s = A
16 *’s = B
14 *’s = C
12 *’s = D

As far as rewards go, I wanted to have a non-monetary “punishment” for failure. I think I came up with a pretty good one. I also wanted to have a reward for getting a passing grade, but I wanted the reward to pale in comparison to the passing grade for an A+.
If I earn less than twelve stars, I have to volunteer to take cat box duty for all of April
If I earn all twenty stars, I get to put $50 in the OCC Lip Tar kitty
If I earn between twelve and twenty stars, I get to put $5 in the OCC Lip Tar kitty.

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