Saturday, March 16, 2013

eShakiti dresses

I was doing my blog roundup today, skimming over the many fashion and style blogs I follow, and I read about this company where you can order and customize their clothing. Welp, that's pretty cool. Bright Side Dweller -- who I love because it's just lots of pictures, minimal text, and her photos are always in the bathroom, like mine :) (See my instagram for many photos of me in the office bathroom. Our mirror is smaller than hers. Oh and I like filters. Sue me.) -- was asked to review an eShakiti dress. Love the dress on her, and the customization got me curious. So, I decided to check out the eShakiti website.

I selected the collared poplin dress and the keyhole front knit dress.

I provided my size and height and customized both dresses to be above the knee length (not short, but just above the knee) and gave the poplin dress short sleeves with tie-ups and I gave the keyhole dress cap sleeves. I love cap sleeves.

But I was just messing around. I wasn't actually going to buy these. Get to check out. Turns out that right now they are having a BOGO 50%. Sweet. With shipping and the BOGO, it was around $102. Huh. Not that bad actually.

In addition, you can ask for a $25 gift coupon for your first purchase. Grabbed that. And a quick google search provided another blogger review with a promo code. Nabbed that. Total purchase? $58.90. About $30 for each dress, and each dress is customized. Really not a bad deal. So, I bought them.

So much for frugal march, but I've been wanting more work dresses. Okay I'm not sure they keyhole one will be work appropriate, we'll have to see how that falls, but the other one with the friggin' collar. Love that.

I'll update when I get them in. I had thought about adding a few pictures of other dresses I like, but there are just too many. So here is the link. You check it out. Oh they also have skirts and tops, but I was just too enamored with the dresses.

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