Sunday, February 10, 2013

Window Shopping

Yesterday's gift card shopping has made my money start burning holes in my purse/wallet/bank account. I've got this sudden urge to BUY STUFF. So today I'm "window shopping" at a few websites.

Forever 21 total: $92.52

The China Glaze Dress Me Up and Sugar pallette are gifts for Tiffasaurs. Yes, I'm buying gifts while window shopping. Sue me.
Cherry Culture total: $150.69

OCC total: $160. I really want these! I think it'd be so much fun to experiment and make my own color combos.

Grand Total: $403.21

Of all of the above, the one that I'm most likely to do is the OCC purchase. I will likely purchase all of those except the pinks... NSFW, Triptych, Feathered, Clear, Tarred, RX, Traffic and Iced, (in that order) With those I can make pretty much any color. If I'm unable to make a perfect Anime, though I'll purchase that. I think if I add a drop of RX to anime, I could make Pretty Boy. And a drop of Iced might make Yaoi. (LOVE those name btw)... I think half of the fun of Lip tars are mixing up your own combinations.

Anyway, that's my window shopping haul! (I'm so pathetic)

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Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

This was disappointing. I thought you actually bought me something!