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Dragon Age: 30 Questions

Spoiler, spoiler, spoilery. If you haven't played Dragon Age, and intend to, please don't read this. There are some gut wrenching spoilers below. Don't say I didn't warn you!

And, yes, this is terribly nerdy and tumblr-y. Forgive me. I don't care. I don't have ANYONE to talk with about my play through (K-Swiss is playing ME2 and does not intend to play DA:O when he's done. Jerk.), so I need to spill a little.

I'm right now trying to decide whether I should buy DA2 and play that, or play Baldur's Gate, which I already own -- K-Swiss bought me the D&D pack over X-Mas -- but have yet to play. Speaking of games I acquired over Christmas, I promised Tiffers I'd do a Christmas haul (she was excited until she discovered that it was comprised solely of video games) so I might do that later this weekend.

  1. Favorite Dragon Age game - I’ve only played Origins and Awakening (and the other DLC). I loved Origins best, though I loved some of the companions (Anders and Nate!) and villans (Architech, The Monther) in Awakening
  2. Favorite companion - Alistair or Anders. I can’t decide.
  3. Least favorite companion - Sten. Ugh, all work, no fun. Seriously, lighten up, dude!
  4. Favorite Love Interest - Alistair, by far. Swoon.
  5. Least favorite Love Interest - Zevran. It was like sleeping with my GBF.
  6. Your Warden’s story - My first full play through (I started several games before I found a PC with whom I really connected) was a City Elf Rogue named Sheridan. She is mostly good, but not totally scrupulous. After cutting down the Arl’s son, she learned that sometimes you’ve got to play rough. She had a crush on Alistair from their first meeting and would go out of her way to do the right thing to please him. E.g., getting the Dalish keeper to release the curse, going to the Circle to help Connor. This was most noticeable in Awakenings. As Alistair was no longer there for her, she had no scruples about leaving Amaranthine to burn while she saved Vigil Keep.
  7. Favorite quest - Origins: The Urn of Sacred Ashes. The ruins were a bit tedious, but I enjoyed fighting the dragon, and I very much enjoyed the puzzles to get to Andraste’s ashes. Awakening: The fight against the broodmother, whichever quest that is. I thought the choice to work with or against the Architect was interesting.
  8. Least favorite quest - I hated the Fade bit during the Broken Circle quest. So tedious. I enjoyed seeing my Companions dreams, but that’s it. Yay for mods! I played through it once, but now I’ve got Skip the Fade mod installed.
  9. Favorite class - Dual wielding rogue. Love it. Duelist/Assassin.
  10. Favorite party banter
    Wynne: Alistair, may I have a word?
    Alistair: Of course, anything for my favouritest mage ever.
    Wynne: It seems you and our fearless leader are inseparable these days. Joined at the hip, almost.
    Alistair: That's a bit of an overstatement, don't you think?
    Wynne: Well then, now that you're in an intimate relationship, you should learn about where babies really come from.
    Alistair: Pardon?
    Wynne: I know the Chantry says you dream about your babies and the good Fade spirits take them out of the Fade and leave them in your arms...but that's not true. Actually what happens is that when a girl and a boy really love each other --
    Alistair: Andraste's flaming sword! I know where babies come from!
    Wynne: Do you? Do you really?
    Alistair: I certainly hope so.
    Wynne: Oh, all right then. Aww, look, you're all red and mottled. How cute.
    Alistair: You did that on purpose!
    Wynne: Now, now Alistair, why would I do such a thing?
    Alistair: Because you're wicked. That frail old lady act? I'm so not fooled. I'm on to you now.
  11. Favorite song from the soundtracks - Dunno. I don’t have any of the sound tracks. I do love the background music though. There is one instrument that constantly reminds me of Witcher, one of my other favorite RPGs ever.
  12. OTP (One True Pairing, I had to look this one up. I am behind the times on the lingo these kids are using) - Alistair/Female Human Noble. Even though Sheridan wasn’t human, and I LOVED that little interaction when Alistair found out about her wedding, it just seems right that Alistair and the PC would rule together.
  13. Crack OTP (apparently this means a fucked up OTP) - I’ve been thinking about this. I suppose it’s meant to be something that’s seen in fanfic, not necessarily the game. In which case I submit the Secret Companion with absolutely anyone EXCEPT an aggressive, ruthless human noble PC.
  14. Mages or Templars? - Mages are the BOMB.  I have always sided with the Circle in the Broken Circle quest.
  15. Character you wish was a romance option - Bann Teagan. My female human noble would be all up in that. And Riordan. Awww yisss.
  16. Your favorite “Bro” - Hmmm. I’m not sure how to respond to this. Do you mean, like a best bud? For Sheridan, the person she was closest with (besides Alistair) was Morrigan. Surprising, right? But they’d been together from the start. They grew quite close. Sisters, almost. Both understanding what it is to be an outcast.
  17. Your ultimate team from all games - Sorry, couldn't pick! Origins: Sheridan (DW Rogue), Alistair, Shale, Wynne. Awakening: Sheridan, Anders, Nate, Justice. I’m a big fan of Justice and Anders is WAY cooler than Wynne.
  18. Favorite Origins story - City Elf. Is teh best evar.
  19. Character you are most like - A cross between Leliana and Velanna. I have Velanna's temper with Leliana’s desire to be friends with everyone (the way I see her, anyway) and, of course, penchant for nice clothes.
  20. Character who’d be your best friend - Leliana. Because, like Tiffasaurus, she is both religious, super friendly, and a fan of shopping
  21. Character you wouldn’t get along with - Wynne. She’s kind but I think I might view her as overbearing.
  22. Favorite villain - The Architect, absolutely. What a fascinating character; I long to see more of him.
  23. Favorite NPC - I really liked Anora! She’s quite the hard ass.
  24. Least Favorite NPC - ISOLDE! By the Maker, she’s a bitch. Ugh! Teagan, who is this woman? Bitch, I will CUT YOU.
  25. Scene you wish you could change the outcome of the most - Riordan’s death. Oh god, I wish I could change that. I wish he would stick around. L I was so sad.
  26. Most shocking scene - The first battle. I did NOT expect Duncan to die so soon, I really didn't. Jory, yeah who didn't see that coming. 
  27. Scene that made you cry - My first play-through was Human Noble Female. When the PC left the Teryn and Teryna knowing they would die, K-Swiss was like, Shut up, because I was wailing. It was really gut-wrenching. You could see the obvious love between the parents, and in fact all the Couslands. Howe’s betrayal was unforgivable. 
  28. Best part of the games - The party banter and the difficult choices. Sometimes I’d lay on my bed for several minutes, unable to choose.
  29. Worst part of the games - In Awakening, the lack of romance options, and the disappearance of the love of my Sheridan's life. What. The. Heck. I waited all game for him to show up. Gone. What a jerk. 
  30. If you made a deal with a demon what would your bargain be? - I will be making a deal with the demon in my current playthrough: a male dalish mage (mod in use, obvy). He’s angry. He loved Tamlen (LURVED Tamlen), loved his clan. Feels abandonded. Hates humans. All-in-all, a recipe for badness. He’ll be getting the blood mage spec. 
  31. Hopes for Dragon Age 3 - ALISTAIR. Please come back as a romance option! Sheridan needs you! Neeeeeeds you. I haven’t played DA2 yet, so I haven’t much to say. If it’s not in DA2, I’d like to see some expansion on what happened with Morrigan.

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