Monday, December 10, 2012


The winter isn't the easiest time for me. My mind goes a bit wonky. It's always a bit of a disappointment to me that despite my exciting Steam Sale purchases, I am rarely able to play the games.

The exciting shopping rush of Thanksgiving during which I'm SURE my latest purchases will make me happy. The depressing lull that follows when something inevitably happens to destroy my mental state. Limbs and eyelids become heavy. Food tastes like ash.

To keep from sinking completely, I need to find a way to keep myself occupied that doesn't take too much effort. Blogging takes effort, playing video games take effort. Stargirl, exhausted after a not terribly busy day at work, is found in bed or on the couch -- because sitting up in the computer chair takes too much effort -- watching Netflix or playing simple puzzle games on her tablet.

Some days are quite good. This weekend was quite good, though the past week was quite awful. The previous weekend had one good day and the rest was awful. Most days I'm just tired. That's all. That's where I've been. Sitting on the couch watching X-Files or Angel. Usually just feeling tired. Sometimes curled into a small ball of despair. Always too tired to blog.

I'm sure I'll be back over Christmas break.

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