Saturday, November 17, 2012

WTF, Bakers? WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE???**

Hostess is closing*. As in forever. No more Twinkies®. No more awesome cupcakes. No more Ho Ho's®. No more Twinkies®.

Seriously, no one is thinking of the Twinkies. 

KSwiss's thoughts on the matter: "Whatever."
To which I replied: "TWINKIES!"
"Meh," he said. 
"DONETTES!" I cried. "You love donettes! Don't even lie!"

Okay, yes, they've sold off the Twinkie(R) name to someone else. But it won't be the same. 

This is a dark day for inexpensive, ultra-sugary, mass produced, baked goods.

*Screenshot of the linked Hostess webpage.

**I don't actually know who's fault it is. Were they striking because of unfair wages? If so, more power to them. Of course they're jobless now, but maybe it'll cause a change in the system? I don't really know how this works long-term.

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