Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Steam Autumn and Winter Sale Dates

Possible confirmation from the devs of the popular "Secrets of the Magic Crystal."

"...Valve contacted me about two weeks ago to announce their Autumn (nov 21-27) and Winter (Dec 20-Jan 4) sales..."
(at least they're fully aware that their game is popular for gag-gifting)

The dates for the Autumn sale come as no real surprise. Historically, the Autumn sale has began the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The duration is two days longer than the 2011 sale, but the same length as the 2010 sale.

However, the past couple Winter Sales have begun the third Monday in December. In fact, I've got it marked on my calendar. But this year, that would be the 17th. We're starting a couple days later but getting one extra day of deals.

Two simple rules for enjoying Steam Sales

Rule #1 - Unless it's a daily deal, don't buy it until the last day of the sale. Daily deals are, like the name implies, good for a single day only. Everything else runs for the duration of the sale. Many games that start off at 25%-50% off, drop in price to 66%-95% off for a single day during the sale.

Rule #2 - Purchase everything as a gift and leave them in your inventory unopened. I know you'll want to "upwrap" your purchase right away and install it, but unless you're going to play it immediately  save it in your inventory. Many people purchase games because WOW! It's only $2.50! But they never end up playing them. If you save it as a gift in your inventory and later find that you don't want it, you can still gift it to a friend or host a giveaway. If you've already installed the game or purchased it for yourself, the license is attached to you and is non-transferable.

Have fun, the deals renew at 1pm PST daily.

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