Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MBB Monday Poll, Vol. 246

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Le List

1. Mood: Tired. Is tired a mood?
2. I get a thrill from… buying games on Steam for 75-99% off. Dude. I'm so excited. The Steam Autumn Sale starts TOMORROW!
3. If you could instantly change your hair right now, what would you do? double the length (it's barely brushing my shoulders now) and dye the entire thing bright red.
4. Are you cooking anything for Thanksgiving this year? Psht no. I don't think I'll ever cook for Thanksgiving!
5. If you had two tickets for the Oscars, whom would you bring as your date? My first instinct was "Duh, K-Swiss" but I'm not entirely sure he'd be interested. So, if not him, I think Tiffasaurus Rex would probably be thrilled to go.
6. What’s one of your favorite ways to veg out? Cuddle up under my big fluffy blanket and play Fable 3 on the Xbox. Something about playing Xbox games is comforting (probably the part where I'm cozy under a comforter) and Fable 3 isn't a super challenging game. A lot of people hate it, but I'm a fan.
7. Are you a flirt? I wish I could find my yearbook. I'd scan a photo for you. I was Class Flirt, Charter High class of 2002
8. Do you bite your nails? No, but I pick the hell out of my cuticles.
9. If you could change anything about your life right now, what would it be? I wouldn't have any stupid serotonin problems. I would be less lazy. And maybe I'd have the drive to do something where I can have alternative income. Like my sister who is a photographer and doesn't have to work what I call "a normal job". By which I mean a job where you have to leave your house every day to do something that you wouldn't be doing if you didn't have to put bread on the table.
10. Weekly goals: Decide whether or not I actually want that camera. Go to Zumba on Saturday. Find something interesting to blog about every day. Seeing as I don't have to work for the rest of the week, that shouldn't be too challenging.

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