Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Selection of Sanrio Characters

A little lesson in fast fashion. When you get an email about a collection preview and you see something you want, don't think on it. Get it, if it turns out you hate it, return it! I checked out the lookbook for Sanrio's collaboration with Forever 21 the moment I got the email. Hello Kitty! I definitely squeeed. There were several things I wanted, but one thing that I had to have: a cream colored shirt with small Chococat print, with studded epaulets and collar. Super cute! However, I was at work. Get back to work, I'll get the shirt later. Get home, and I'd forgotten about the shirt.

Five days later, it's GONE. What a bummer. So, when you check out the Hello Kitty® Forever collection at Forever 21, if you see something you want, snap it up!

I was extremely disappointed on the number of characters featured. Hello Kitty and Chococat have a ton of items. Badtz-Maru (12) and Hangyodon (1, 2) have a couple. No Little Twin Stars, or Keroppi, or Pochacho. No My Melody or Pompompurin.

Where the heck are the My Melody printed jeggings, wonders My Melody.

So, that was the biggest bummer. Pompompurin is so cute, I don't know how they could have skipped him over. Anyway, on to what they did have!

My picks:
Scarf print top
Hello Kitty® Filigree Print Leggings
Hello Kitty® Legwarmers
Polka Dot & Chococat® Sweater
Chococat® Tie Collar Shirt
Collared Hello Kitty® Cluster Blouse

At first I wasn't sure what made the filigree print "Hello Kitty" but there are little Hello Kitties worked into the pattern

Hmm, well it looks like, in classic Stargirl style, I've picked absolutely no color. Black, white and cream. Wow, I'm boring. Okay, let's add in the Hello Kitty Alphabet Backpack. If I needed a backpack, I'd definitely get it.

One complaint about this collection, the scarf printed blouses (here, here, and here) are pictured WITH scarves in the lookbook and on the first photo in the items individual pages. When you click through the photos, you see that the collars are rather boring. And even on the very first day of the preview (of course, I checked it out within moments of getting the email), I never saw the actual scarves for sale. Super lame.

With scarf, pretty cute.
Without scarf. Infinitely more boring.

I had initially wanted the Neon Pop Hello Kitty® Top on the far right. It was the first thing I picked out from the lookbook, but when I saw the actual collar? Super boring. No thanks. I still like the Hello Kitty® Filigree Print Top, even without the scarf. Love the lace sleeves. I can put a black scarf on it, or a white and black printed one and it'll still look pretty awesome. The Hello Kitty® Scarf Print Sweater is alright. But that last shirt. Without the scarf, I kinda see that one going on sale.

Bottom line, some stuff is cute. Some stuff is misleading. Some stuff is definitely worth buying. I would've liked more characters and I would've liked the scarves pictured above. There are a TON of other item in the collection that I didn't touch on. If you're a fan of Hello Kitty, I'd highly recommend checking out the Hello Kitty® Forever collection at Forever 21.

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