Friday, October 12, 2012

Thoughts on Wardrobe Capsules

What are wardrobe capsules? In the words of Tiffasaurs Rex "So you basically packed for travel without actually traveling anywhere"

Yes. Totally. See, K-Swiss and I recently moved. And I packed or moved all of my clothes except a handful of items. So, I was forced into a wardrobe capsule. Might as well go into specifics. I linked to a few of the things, but then I got lazy. Also there aren't any pictures at the moment, so this post is kind of pointless.

My list:
3 pairs of shoes
-Black OTK "Leather" boots from Charlotte Russe (similar imgur link for posterity, I got mine last year)
-Camel Madden Girl boots (similar)
-Black "Oxford" pumps (similar, but mine are WAY cuter with a rounded toe, thinner heel, and faux laces)
1 Dress
-Black Ponte Knit sleeveless dress from Target
1 skirt
- High-waisted lavender pencil skirt from Charlotte Russe
2 sweaters
-Purple argyle cardigan from Banana Republic
-Camel sweater, Vintage (this is 100% wool and I very cleverly washed and dried it the other day. It might fit my 7 year old niece now. I'm going to try to unshrink it though because I image she'd hate it. It's kinda itchy.)
3 tops
-Black basic tank from Target (here)
-Black basic long sleeve tee from Target, thrifted (similar)
-Gray striped knit top from Banana Republic
-Gray dotted tights from Target
-Black knit tights (similar)
-black basic leggings from Target (similar)
-Green purse from Target
-Black pashmina scarf from Walmart (similar)

You can probably guess my one favorite stores from the selection above.

*Day 1
Black Dress / Gray striped knit top / Black leggings / Camel boots
*Day 2
Lavender Skirt / Purple cardigan / Black tank / Black tights / Black boots
*Day 3
Black dress / Gray top (worn underneath) / Gray tights / Black scarf / Black pumps
*Day 4
Black dress / Black tee / Black leggings / Black Scarf / Camel boots / Camel sweater
*Day 5
Lavender Skirt / Black tights / Black tee / Black leggings / Black Scarf
*Bonus outfits, planned but not executed: 
black dress/purple cardigan/gray tights/black pumps
lavender skirt/gray top/gray tights/black scarf/black boots

As you can see, I really like to wear black.

Thoughts on the wardrobe capsule: It made getting ready in the mornings way easy. No panicky mornings of standing in front of my closet getting angry at nothing because I'm too sleepy for inspiration. Other than that... kinda boring but good practice for when I've got a limited selection.

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