Thursday, October 11, 2012


Kohl's had a sale last week on coats. K-Swiss needed a new coat, as his old one was functional and warm but completely hideous. He ended up getting a really neat coat, but this post isn't about his coat (there is a photo below, though). This post is about my amazing tweed cape thing that's awesome. Seriously, nothing looks better than this coat with a pair of tight black pants and my black OTK boots. (though some fitted OTK boots would be better.)

Oh oh oh and one more thing. PLUSH LINED TIGHTS. They feel like a fleece sweater for your legs and feet. I found a pair (by LAURA FREAKING ASHLEY!) at Ross for $4.99. Basically... best purchase ever.

My super awesome adorable cape thing

Dream Louboutin boots:

K-Swiss's neat new coat:

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