Monday, October 22, 2012

MBB Monday Poll Vol. 242

Le List (from the MBB Monday Poll)
1. Mood: Effervescent! A lot of things are coming up Stargirl, so I'm really happy
2. Cupcakes or cookies? My 100 Calorie diet soda cupcakes! Mmmm... How about strawberry cake with diet sprite.... Or chocolate cake with diet Cheerwine! Mmm.... Oooh funfetti cake with diet Jones cream soda! Do they still make that? It tastes like cotton candy!
3. Are you an outdoorsy person? No way! Indoors, minimal light, maximal video games or shopping. I like to be at my computer!
4. A fragrance or scent that reminds you of your mom? Yes! But I don't know what it is. It's a musky, powdery thing. I think it's by Estee Lauder
5. Three things you like (non-makeup/beauty related): My very own Blueberry!, video games, comfy new beds
6. Three things you like (makeup/beauty related): A well organized closet, super dark black eyeliner (UD Perversion! Awww yeah), OTK fitted boots (if only I could find a pair for less than a grand!)
7. It’s the last day of middle school. Will you sign my yearbook?? I sucked at signing yearbooks. Every single book: "Have a great summer -M"
8. Have you ever had an at-home hair coloring disaster? I've done okay with my hair color. My last attempt, though, I didn't use a strong enough developer and it was a fail in that NOTHING HAPPENED. But other than that, no unintentional hot-pink hair.
9. What are three things you’re happy about right now? I'm going to look at my potential new car in about 30 minutes, I live in a great new apartment that actually feels like home, I still have my job.
10. Weekly goals: Get the living room organized, try to start your morning routine again (wake at 6am to have time for meditation, tea, and a gentle non-rushed morning), sign up for the local gym. AND START GOING.

The Blueberry (it's actually an Echo but I'm not picky)

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