Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials - 2012

  1. Black Pencil Skirt: These are my #1 favorite wardrobe item. You can pair them with any top and a pair of pumps for an instant work appropriate get up. They leave little room for the sleepy brain the screw things up. Ponte knit versions are comfortable and wrinkle free, so while I have black pencil skirts in various fabrics, ponte knit is king
  2. Black Pumps: I love to bookend my looks so I lean towards dark pumps. I haven't found many chocolate pumps that I'm a fan of, so black is the way to go. 
  3. Ballet Flats: A must have. They look great with skirts or jeans, they're cuter than sneaker and they're more comfortable than heels.
  4. Camisole: I don't think I could dress for the day without camisoles. I wear one everyday to add a little coverage to low cut or transparent tops or to add a pop of color.
  5. Solid color tee: These can go with jeans on the weekend or with the above pencil skirts for a business casual outfit. I like dressy knit tops from BR or Ann Taylor. They're simple, the feel like tees, but they look so much nicer.
  6. Ponte Knit Dresses:  Once again, following the theme here of simple and comfortable. Go simple, throw on a pair of pearls and black pumps and your set. Or spice it up with a little layering. 
  7. Pearl Necklace: This classic pieces brings a bit of polish to any outfit.
  8. Tall Boots: They lengthen the wearability of dresses and skirts and they keep your feet warm and dry when they weather is less than pleasant.
  9. Black tights: Oh I don't know what I'd do in the winters without my black tights! I wear a pair almost every weekday.
  10. Trench Coat: I don't need a coat for very many months in the south, but my trench is warm enough in the winter, but not too warm for the fall and spring. And it's got a really lovely full skirt!
I have a feeling my wardrobe essentials change every few years. In 2010 I probably would've said bright tights, sweater dresses, and stilettos. While I still love those things, I find myself wearing the above more. I got this idea from Angie, and I think it'd be neat to make a list of wardrobe essentials every couple years to see how your tastes change.

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