Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yeah, these still kinda suck

I've been using Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadows lately, which I really love. I love them almost as much as I love my Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream shadow.

I felt encouraged to try out my old Revlon cream shadows. About the Revlon cream shadows? They're not the greatest. First off, they aren't super pigmented so don't expect Aqua Cream level payoffs. Second, they crease unless you use a base and apply them in thin layers. Lastly, I recommend setting them with a powder.

Nevertheless, I wanted to test them out. 8 new shades of cream shadows? How could I resist? I decided to experiment with two different primers. I primed one lid with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin and one lid with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige, from last line to brow. They're a fairly similar shade. I'll have to swatch them next to each other.

I took the darkest gray shade, the fourth shade in the photo below, in Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow in Twilight. I patted a thin coat of that all along my lid, up to my crease.

Then I took the brown shade in Moonlit Jewels, the second shade below, and patted that into my outer v, and pulled it in to blend with the gray. Finally I took the nude color from Twilight, the second shade above, and highlighted just below my brow.

No I don't have any pictures of the final look. Remember, Stargirl = supremely lazy.

Anyway, I forgot to set the shadows with powder, probably because such is not freaking necessary with Color Tattoos or Aqua Creams. About an hour after the initial application, I checked my lids and they were both creasing. Crap. I smudged out the creases to the best of my ability and then patted some pressed powder on top. I'm at work, it's all I've got. It muted the already not very pigmented colors, but three hours later and I haven't had anymore creasing.

I hope these work, because I'd love to experiment with some pink and purple cream shadows (I've got my eye on Wild Orchids) without the $25 price tag.

On a side note, L'Oreal Liquid Pencil in Brown is teh suck. It wore off of my waterline in less than an hour and it's almost completely worn off of my upper lash line. So, that'll be going in the bin as soon as I get home.

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