Friday, August 10, 2012

John Lennon

Press: How did you find America
John: Turn left at Greenland.

 Press: Does it bother you that you can't hear what you sing during concerts?
John: No, we don't mind. We've got the records at home.

Press: Are you scared when crowds scream at you?
John: More so in Dallas than in other places, perhaps. 

Press: Can we look forward to any more Beatle movies?
John: Well, there'll be many more but I don't know whether you can look forward to them or not. 

Press: Does your hair require any special attention?
John: Inattention is the main thing.

 Press: How do you feel about teenagers imitating you with Beatle wigs?
John: They're not imitating us because we don't wear Beatle wigs.

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