Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brand New Big Lots

We've finally gotten a Big Lots in town and boy am I glad it didn't arrive a year ago. I would've filled up on all the excess makeup I don't need. There was a ton of Maybelline products from eyeshadow quads to Mineral Powder liquid, powder and concealer. There were nail stamping kits and nail art polish.
Mineral Power in the top left. Some Dream Mousse blush or maybe bronzer below that. Revlon Age Defying foundation. I think the lipsticks in the red tube (top center) are Maybelline, and then some Covergirl lipgloss. Lots of random Colormates crap. A row of SoftLips going off center right.

Revlon and Sally Hansen polish duos. Various LaCross implements. Nail Art polish and, coolest of all, nail stamping kits. Those are can be fun... but they are pretty challenging and can cause headaches and slight rage.

Various Maybelline eyeshadows, pretty stuff. Some Revlon Color Stay Quads (I have this shade, thanks Tiffasaurus!) and Mineral Mousse foundation. HiP blushes. NYC Brow kits.

There were also a ton of lip balms that didn't make it into the photos. Various blixtexes and chapsticks.

It speaks to how well I've got at not buying unnecessary crap that I didn't feel the slightest bit tempted by any of these products. Although considering how many lip products I've had to toss recently, it's not hard to understand my new point of view. 

HOWEVER, I was browsing the racks when I saw a tube of Covergirl Lash Blast volume for a mere $1.50. What on earth? I couldn't figure out why it was so cheap, but I need some new mascara. I took a closer look and soon spotted the glaringly obvious "defect".  This is a tube of Lash Blast Volume mascara with a Lash Blast Luxe wand!



I call it "Lash Blast Veluxe" and for a mere $1.50 it was mine.

So, that was my first trip to a big lots in about four years. I think it was a major success. 

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