Friday, August 03, 2012


K-Swiss is going to help me build a new computer! I'm so excited! I look at some info on how to do it, but I saw the word "thermal paste" and just clicked away. I don't know what thermal paste is, but it sounds like something I could use to break things.

I want to play The Witcher 2! I want to see Skyrim in all it's glory instead of my awful Gamecube graphics (serious, everything looks like complete shite on my computer).

I'll probably have to by a second desk from Ikea (around $40, my current desk cost a whopping $25) and make an L-Shaped desk. I'd like to keep my laptop set up next to my new computer.

It probably won't be before we move (about 6 weeks) which is a good thing. I need time to get rid of all the stuff I own and don't use before I buy by new things.


NEW ELECTRONICS! Is there anything sweeter???

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