Friday, June 15, 2012


I charged my new Asus Transformer all day yesterday. When I got home, I unplugged it and played with it for several hours, without the keyboard dock. After about four hours of heavy use -- downloading apps, watching videos, playing games, touch-a touch-a touching EVERYTHING, it got down to around 50% battery life. Another hour of downloading stupid apps and playing puzzly type games and I was ready for bed. I decided to see how long the battery would last. I popped it onto the dock and closed it. I'm waking up to read 10 hours on battery with 100% battery life! WTF? The increase is due to the dock, but I was expecting, you know, less than 100%

I should note that I have Juice Defender installed, and it probably turned off my wifi when I went to sleep. But still, that's pretty neat.


P.S. I have Electric Sheep installed on my phone and I used it last night. Worked really well. It's neat looking at the graph to tell when you were tumbling.

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