Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Off and on again

I have fallen off pretty much every wagon I was on. Okay, so they weren't the traditional "no-booze" wagons. They were the No Shopping Wagon, the No Fast Food Wagon, etc etc. Although I do mean to stop drinking liquor. Stick to beer. I don't like beer as much and it'll make me drink less and save money.

In the past week I've had Taco Bell, Sonic, and Chic-Fil-A. I'm a little embarrassed to mention that last one because I've been boycotting Chic-Fil-A for over a year. But the lure of their diet lemonade finally broke me.

In the past week, I've bought a tablet and docking station, as you know, as well as a cover and stylus (SIGNIFICANTLY LESS EXPENSIVE THAN TIFFASAURUS' STYLUS).

In the past week I haven't run once and I've been consistently hitting snooze to roll out of bed one hour before work instead of my usual 2.5-3 hours.

I've been going out to eat ALL THE TIME because I'm so freaking lazy.

Actually all of the above are because I'm lazy. Okay, today, Wednesday June 20th, I'm starting over. Because I like having a goal. Also because eating crappy food has been causing me to have health problems (I have this chronic thing that is strongly affected by my diet).

Ugh. And I was keeping track of all my spending really well, but I've lost a few cash receipts. Everything else I can look up online.

So, I haven't done shopping besides getting crap for my tablet. And you know what helps? Freaking free Kindle books. Alright alright, a lot of the free Kindle books are a piece of CRAP. But not all of them! I was reading a book yesterday. I got to the last page. "Shoot!" K-Swiss looked at me funny. "This one was actually good! And it's OVER. And it's a freaking series and the series ISN'T FREE!"

Argg. But most of them are crappy. I don't know why I'm reading them. I think maybe I enjoy reading crappy novels.

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