Sunday, June 10, 2012

Honestly? Only kind of sorry

I kind of obliterated my 90-Day No Buy. I do feel guilty, but I'm really excited about my prezzie that should be here in a couple days.

Ways in which I completely disregarded my No-Buy (not including gifts):
* Bracelet - $10.73, Bijoux Bellagio (aka, the Ten Dollar Store)
* Saddle Shoes and extra socks- $29.09, Payless
* Hair clips - $4. 35, CVS
* Booze - $40.40
* Asus Transformer and optional keyboard dock - $414.98
* Accessories for above - $13.38, Amazon and DealExtreme

The first three items were purchased while traveling. I consider the "Booze" an entertainment expense, since I was buying a couple round for friends, but it will still be included in miscellaneous purchases when I finally do my 90 Day No Buy wrap. I've been wanting those saddle shoes for about a year. I thought Payless wasn't carrying them anymore. They were definitely worth the purchase. I've worn them on five out of the six days since I purchased them. And I hadn't brought any socks with me to New Orleans. The socks that I bought, however, are much better quality than my other ankle socks and quickly becoming my favored pairs.

The bracelet and the hair clips were pretty much unnecessary, but the hair clips have been very convenient for wearing my hair half up/half down. Oh, and I've gotten TONS of complements off of the bracelet.

The tablet.... Welp, I've got no excuse for that one. I went on a business trip and both of my co-workers had tablets. It was very inconvenient to use a netbook during the sessions, but tablets were discreet and extremely useful. I found myself longing for one, as I do after every business trip. I've been longing for this tablet since the day it came out. I went to Best Buy to play with them the week after they were released. I wanted to take one home so badly, but I was pretty broke.

You may have heard that I have recently been promoted.  :D

When I told K-Swiss was I was considering he asked: "Do I get your netbook?" He was joking but I agreed to give him my second computer. I had been thinking of giving it to him when I recieve my tablet. After all, he uses it more than I do and I really do not need THREE computers. He does not have a laptop, so it will be very convenient for him. My newest toys will arrive in two days time.

So, do I feel bad about breaking my no buy? I feel a slight twinge of disappointment in myself. I feel like I should have waited until August to purchase the tablet. However, being refurbished items, there is no guarantee that Newegg would still have those items in stock in August. Regarding the saddle shoes, I don't know if Payless would still be carrying them in August. The hair clips and the bracelet could have obviously waited, but other than that, I'm pretty okay with what I've done. I cannot now think of anything I need/want. I've just received some new jeans that fit extremely well from Tiffasuarus Rex and a pair of new black heels and some sundresses from Mama. I cannot think of what will urge me to next break my No Buy. I honestly do not want more clothes (the jeans will be replacing a couple pairs that are too large that I plan to donate, the sundresses are things I do not yet own and will come in handy during my beach vacation). I have no need for more makeup. I've been walking to the library for books. I can't think of anything I've really been longing for. Also, I'll feel terribly guilty for breaking the No-Buy again since I obliterated it so beautifully this time around. Over $500 dollars worth of NEW THINGS. Really? I'm so full of fail.

So, I don't feel too bad this time around, but I really, really don't want to break it again (famous last words, I know, I know.)

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