Monday, May 14, 2012

She was just super jelly

Sometimes, K-Swiss and I act a little like children. I mean, we play. It's a lot of fun. This weekend we built a fort in the living room. You know, blankets and pillows everywhere. We had a couple old shower curtain rods -- used in college to hang curtains across the doorless closets -- and I propped them up on dining room chairs, strapped them to the chair with scarves, and draped blankets from the back of the couch up to the rods. An additional blanket was used as a door when we wanted to fort closet, or to cuddle under when we watched Netflix. A sign leaned on the door when we were not in the fort: "NO KITTIES ALLOWED"

The kitties did not take kindly to this and tore the fort down while we were upstairs playing Borderlands. And Lulu tried to get into the cookies. NOT COOL, LOUIS!

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