Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Minor Update

The baking soda and vinegar is going well. Today is three days after washing my hair. My hair looks mostly, but my bangs and roots get a little greasy. I used a little corn starch for "dry shampoo." This is pretty much par for the course. This is exactly how my hair acts with regular shampoo. The third day my bangs and roots are a little greasy. I touch up with dry shampoo and maybe I do an up-do.

In addition to removing myself from all social networks, I've stopped playing social games as well. I mean the games on your iPhone where you can visit your neighbor and you have to respond in a certain amount of time or else your birds/fish/crops/zombies whatever will die. I've also stopped playing Words With Friends and Draw Something. The only games I still have are puzzle games, mostly picross/nonogram type games. I play them while listening to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I'm currently on Queen of the Damned, and while it's interesting to hear about all the characters, it's so disjointed. I'm a much bigger fan of the first two books. But I'm only about a quarter through.

The 90 day no buy is going extremely well. I've been able to sell quite a lot of stuff, making almost $100 from unused stuff I had lying around. Kevin and I go grocery shopping once a week and buy food for the week. Usually I make on big pot of food on Monday night, it lasts us through Thursday at least. I usually go out to eat once during the week with Kevin, and then we have those leftovers for dinner. On Friday I go out to eat for lunch and Friday night is pizza night. We have leftovers on the weekend. And a little crap food (mmmm, popcorn).  I will be curious to see how my food spending turns out at the end of the month.

I haven't missed fast food. Much. Okay, I miss Taco Bell, but that's it. And I certainly haven't missed all the crap that I usually buy.

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