Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I regret... very little

The only thing I regret about deleting my Facebook is that I had this list of really awesome Dinosaur Comics quotes on my wall and now they're gone. I mean, the quotes are still in the comics, but I don't remember which ones I had.

So, here are a couple good ones from the latest comics:

"Banks are often robbed for the small amount of cash in the till, and often these tiny heists in which nobody is injured don't make the news and are left unsolved! Crime doesn't pay? APPARENTLY CRIME PAYS A REASONABLE AMOUNT SOMETIMES??"

"People of all genders an orientations can say "I'd hit that" to mean "I would have sex with that", and it's so weird that we all equate sex to violence, that a pleasant sexy experience gets boiled down to "synonym for punch." And it's not just hit! You can get demolished in bed too! I UNDERSTAND IT'S PRETTY FUN, ACTUALLY."

Those are pretty good quotes. I love Ryan North and he is probably my favorite web comic artist.

Except Kristy, because I know her. But you know, of web comic artists I don't know, Ryan North is way up there. Probably number one. Most likely. I think.

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