Friday, May 04, 2012

Bathroom, meet kitchen

Have you heard of baking soda shampoo? What about apple cider vinegar conditioner? Reddit introduced me to this post by Simple Mom who has been using the above products to wash her hair for over two years. I'm almost out of shampoo and conditioner, so I think I'm going to try it out. I already have all the ingredients in my house.

It's caused me to be curious about other home recipes for cosmetic products. I found a neat one for deodorant, and one for body wash, and an article about shaving with olive oil. The only thing I'd need to buy for the deodorant is coconut oil. For the body was I'd need liquid castille soap, which apparently has a million uses anyway. So, of course, due to the 90 Day No Buy, I won't be able to try those out for a while but I'll let you know how the hair care and shaving goes!

If you have any other neat recipes for either personal or household products, let me know!

And if you're looking for a recipe for DIY pore strips, I've got you covered.