Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today's morning, hopefully to become a routine

I was able to wake up at 6am today. A little shy of my 5:30 goal, but it's progress. If you remember, I went about a month of waking up around 5-5:30 every day and was able to eventually do it without an alarm clock. I don't remember what happened. Vacation maybe. But I'd like to get back there and keep it long term.

After I woke up, I sat in bed for a minute. I quickly realized how easy it would be for me to slump back under the covers. So, I swung my feet off the bed and trundled into the bathroom to floss, brush, and wash my face. I figured if I could just drag myself to the bathroom, even while mostly asleep, a little mouthwash and a splash of water to the face will wake me quickly. It worked.

I returned to my bedroom and tried to meditate for a couple minutes. It was difficult and I'm easily distracted. Next, I pulled out my journal. I started it last night, just stating my accomplishments of the day and my goals for the next day. I thought about my night, and I thought about the coming day. I wrote a few thoughts and jotted down my three most important tasks to accomplish today.

After this, I meant to check the weather, but when I pulled up my phone I started playing Draw Something and Picross. Twenty minutes passed by with my eyes glued to the phone. Oops. I dropped it. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

I checked the weather (cold) and dressed. I was easily ready on time to leave for work. However, I have an extra hour since I don't have to be to work until a little before 9am today. So, I'm blogging and eating breakfast.

I'd like to be less rushed and busy. I don't think I accomplish very much between the hours of 9-12 pm usually. I think I'd accomplish much more if I go to bed a little early, get enough sleep, and am able to rise early. A less rushed morning means I can leave a little early to beat the build up of rush hour traffic.

To start my day, I am relaxed. I know what I will seek to accomplish. This all sounds good. Hopefully it actually works! We'll see if I'm actually a good, thoughtful, productive person today.

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