Monday, April 23, 2012


Since I started throwing out all my belongings (I took out a giant trash bag yesterday full of holey socks, ugly and/or poor fitting under things, expired lip gloss, makeup that no one wants, worn out flip flops, etc etc) I haven't had much of a desire to shop. I have enough crap. Yet, scrolling through my Google Reader - Play this morning, I saw something I need. Something I have to have.

You guys, two words.

Ombre. Tights.

I know I know! Brilliant! I like the black to fuchsia best. They are wayyy too pricy though. I wonder if I could make my own? Buy a pair of pink tights and some black Rit. Hmmm... (The answer is no. At least, no time soon. I'm way too lazy.)

Where to buy

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