Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Digital Declutter

In addition to selling off my possessions, I'm also attempting to minimize the non-tangible clutter in my life. I take too much time out of my life to organize and deal with unnecessary clutter.

Unsubscribing from junk email. I don't need weekly emails from PetSmart, Ulta, Victoria's Secret, TJ Maxx, etc.
Unsubscribing from useless subreddits. I've unsubscribed from anything terribly circle-jerky (such as r/atheism), any of the fashion subreddits (I don't need to see 20 different amateur NOTDs and FOTDs. If you're good, I'll follow your blog). I'm keeping things that hold my long term interest: games and ask science, for example.
Deleting useless apps. When I got my iphone, I immediately downloaded 6 pages of apps. I have since deleted several, and downloaded several more. I've got about five pages of apps. Deleting useless apps will include any games that I feel "burdened" to play regularly.
Cleaning up contacts. There a lots of people who I added to my contacts as a student because we were lab partners or something. In addition, G+ adds people to your contact list. It's a hassle, but I'm going through and deleting those.
Stop following old and irrelevant blogs. Beauty bloggers come and go, as does my interest. I need to delete both inactive bloggers as well as bloggers I'm not interested in
Minimizing use of social media. I will continue to use facebook, but I probably won't use it daily like I have in the past.
Clean out your inbox. I'm already very good at cleaning out my inbox and organizing my emails, but that's something else I highly recommend. I hate having unread messages and I'm happiest when my inbox is EMPTY.

This is a lot easier than minimizing my possessions, actually. I've already unsubscribed to a couple dozen subreddits and email newsletters. I'd rather spend my time doing something I enjoy than scrolling through reddit submissions that I'm not even going to bother clicking.

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