Monday, April 23, 2012

30 by 30 update

If you look at the tabs above, you can see that I've made a 30 by 30 tab. As I finish my goals, I'll update each item with a link after I blog about that one.

Lets look at my progress thus far on the 30 by 30 project.

10. Start attending a Martial Arts Class. DONE! Kind of. I've started attending a Kung Fu class with K-Swiss. I haven't actually signed up, but I've been to a couple classes as a visitor. I'm officially signing up on Wednesday. One of the reasons I chose this class is that K-Swiss does it with me! Also a friend from work attends the class (he introduced us). Because this is not KSW, I'll probably pick a new #11
28. Parr down and clean up the bedroom. Begun! I threw out a lot of crap over the weekend. I also have a bag of clothes for Goodwill, a basket of clothes/shoes/accessories for Plato's Closet, and a gift bag and shoebox full of stuff that I'm going to try and sell online*. My makeup has been parred down to a single train case (except polish. I'm having a hard time parting with the polish. I don't know that I will) and a couple palettes which live in my melmer. I'm going to go through all my books and try to par down to a single bookshelf, sell what I can on Amazon (or trade in on Amazon) I expect to be able to check this off as complete in two months.

Ong big thing for me to remember in getting rid of my stuff is keeping it around won't recoup the costs. Yes, I paid good money for that thing, but that money just isn't coming back. (Unless I can sell in online. Otherwise, toss or donate.)

29. Adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. Begun! I've started by cleaning out my bedroom. I've cleaned out my gmail by unsubscribing to all mailing lists (except Banana Republic). I've stopped following any blogs that might encourage me to buy things, even blogs I've followed for YEARS.
30. Read thirty new books. Begun! I've read the Scott Pilgrim books (6!) and I've started A Canticle for Lebowitz (post-apocalyptic monks ftw), and Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales (includes Tales of the Slayers, Tales of the Vampires, and a couple Season 8 stuff), which is more about the background and history than it is about Buffy.

I've had to eliminate a few things that I thought were not appropriate or not possible. But, that's okay. I think as long as I accomplish 30 desired goals by the time I'm 30, I'll be satisfied with the project.

*Tiffasaurus: I have a some stuff for you. However, in the interest of recouping some cost, clothes go to Plato's closet first. You can look at what didn't sell. This includes clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup. 

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