Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's the little things

I remember a couple years ago, K-Swiss and I were super broke. We ate a lot of spiced up ramen and bean & rice. We exclusively bought generic.

Then K-Swiss got a full time job. For the first time, we had a small amount of disposable income. I remember I came home and he had Coke. COKE! Real Coca-Cola! Not Sam's Cola! I couldn't believe it. It was an ineffable luxury.

And then, for Friday Pizza (every Friday night is Pizza night in our house!), we bought Little Caesar's Hot-n-Ready pizza. It was pretty much the best pizza I'd ever had in my life. I was sick of frozen pizza. It's a wonderful convenience to swing buy the Little Caesar's drive thru and have a pizza with incredibly minimal effort. A lot of people really hate Little Caesar's, but I don't see why. It's pretty damn good at five bucks.

This week, our pay is jumping again. I've got a new job. I will now be full time and my hourly pay has increased by just over 50%. The combination of those two factors means my gross yearly pay is jumping by over 300%. I'm almost giddy at the prospect. I don't intend to live much over how I've been currently subsisting, but there are some little things.

Yesterday, I bought a real razor. I've been living on $2 packs of shitty purple Walmart razors for a few years now. They do their job, I suppose, but the razor burn! It's not always awful, but I do refrain from shaving regularly. I bought a Venus Embrace. Or rather, I bought a pack of Venus Embrace cartridges and a regular Venus razor. The plain Venus razor costs less than half what a Venus Embrace razor costs, and all Venus cartridges fit all Venus razors. And Venus Embrace has five blades. FIVE! I bought shaving cream so I don't have to nick K-Swiss's Gillette Shaving Gel that makes me smell like a man. Oh yes, I bought Skintimate Raspberry Rain (well, I bought the generic. I don't care much if my shaving gel is private label).

Mostly, my new income is going straight to savings and debt, but I had to splurge a little. Just a little. It's the little things.

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